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CompanyProductCertificate No.CertificateDateVersionStatus
ActarisACE9000 ITP 3 Phase EDSTS-MOO69download9/28/2005V30.04 
ActarisACE 9000 Taurus MeterSTS - 84download4/2/2007v.45.01 
ActarisACE 9000 Taurus MeterSTS - 103 6/1/2007v.41.00 
ActarisACE 9000 Taurus MeterSTS - 104 6/1/2007v.40.01 
ActarisACE 9000 Split MeterSTS - 105 11/14/2007v.40.02 
ActarisEclipse CDUSTS ? VEKdownload10/7/20033.8.1.7 
ActarisEclipse SMSSTS ? VEKdownload10/7/20033.8.1.7 
ActarisIRIS Vending system CDU & SMSSTS -V---FDS 8/19/2002v1.1.9.6c(CDU&SMS) 
ActarisTalexus EDSTS-MOO34 10/23/200010.21 
ActarisTalexus ECUSTS-MOO35 10/23/200010.21 
ActarisTalexus EDSTS-MOO39 10/23/200010.21 
ActarisTalexus ECUSTS-MOO40 10/23/200010.21 
ActarisTaurus EDSTS?MOO10 10/23/20008.13 
ActarisTaurus EDSTS-MOO13 10/23/20008.57 
ActarisTaurus ECUSTS-MOO27 10/23/20009.05 
ActarisTaurus ECUSTS-MOO28 10/23/20009.05 
ActarisTaurus ECUSTS-MOO32 10/23/20009.05 
ActarisTaurus ECUSTS-MOO33 10/23/20009.05 
ActarisTelexus EDSTS-MOO52 5/27/200311.01 
ActarisTelexus ECUSTS-MOO53 5/27/200311.01 
ActarisACE9000 EDSTS-M0068download7/20/2005V11.01 
ADD Production S.R.LMeter Type NP73E.X-X-XSTS-406download12/20/20137.2.37 
Amat Security and Claning ServicesAmanovo Encryption Manager vending SystemSTS-527download7/7/20150.1Only products sold prior to 2016/08/10
APATOR SALEW11 MeterSTS-M0075download5/31/2006Version A9.26.0004 
APATOR SALEW12 MeterSTS-M0076download5/31/2006Version A9.26.0106 
APATOR SALEW32 MeterSTS-M0077download5/31/2006Version A9.26.0106 
Apator SAMeter Type EQUS 33SNCSTS-220download10/4/2011A1.32.0320 
Apator SAMeter Type LEW 153SNESTS-219download10/4/2011A1.32.0120 
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