Standard Transfer Specification Association
Standard Transfer Specification Association


Non-Voting Members - for manufacturers of metering and vending equipment.
- Joining fee of USD 2370 and an Annual Fee of USD 2370

  • Have access to STS test facilities for product certifications.
  • Have the right to brand certified products with the STS trade mark.
  • Have the right to advertise their certified products as "STS Certified"
  • Have access to the services of the STS Key Management Centre
  • Are listed on the STS website as suppliers of STS Compliant equipment
  • Receive a certificate of membership that can be used in tender documents
  • Receive regular notices and alerts regarding updates to the standards
  • May vote on updates and enhancements to the standard
  • May participate in STS technical work-groups

Voting Members - for participating in the governance of the Association.
- Joining fee of USD 2370 and an Annual Fee of USD 2860

  • Get all the benefits of being a non-voting member.
  • Are entitled to vote at general meetings of members.
  • May stand for election to the board of directors.