Standard Transfer Specification Association
Standard Transfer Specification Association


The power of STS is known worldwide throughout the energy industry and knowing exactly which route to take to benefit from this, can be daunting if you don’t know which steps to take, or even which questions to ask. Below are all the steps that will guide you through the entire process of having your product STS certified.


*Please do take note that the STS Association does not provide guidance on the technical design of your STS compliant system, you will however receive guidance on the interpretation of any of the specifications, and any other STS related questions. 


For a detailed dive into everything STS, please go take a look at our training series presented by Franco Pucci.

Do you want to supply vending services to STS compliant products?

Are you designing your own system?
Are you using someone elses?
Are you designing your own system?
For vending system manufacturing

2.  Is your vending system a token server? (web based) Or a point of sale?
3.  What type of vending system do you want to make? Gas? Electricity? Time? Currency? Water? – This depends on market requirements
4.  Purchase the IEC specs (IEC62055-41  /  -51) and download the relevant companion specifications that are required for your vending system type (specification selector)
5.  Design your vending system according to the required standards.
6.  Test the vending system according to the STS certification documents
7.  Setup a test date for certification testing with the test house
8.  Download the virtual security module in order to generate tokens during your test

Are you using someone elses?

Are you using someone else’s vending product?

1)  Purchase an STS approved vending system 

2)  Purchase a security module to perform all the STS token encryptions 

3)  Get a letter of permission from the SGC user that you will be vending to, and apply for this SGC to be loaded into your security module.

4)  Load the SGC into your security module using the keyload file supplied by the KMC