Standard Transfer Specification Association
Standard Transfer Specification Association


Here you can find access to a suite of Development tools, and all the forms & documents required within the STS ecosystem.

1) KMC Forms – Key Management Centre

  • SGC Application
    This form is to apply for a new SGC (Supply Group Code)
  • Request for Vending Key
    This form is to request a new Vending Key for a SGC.
  • KUA - Key Use Authorisation
    This form is to give permission to a third-party for the use of STS KEYS for a particular SGC.
  • Request for default SGC
    This form is to request a default SGC to be used when encoding your meters to a default SGC.
  • SGC Name Change
    This form is used when you wish to change the name associated with a SGC.
  • Transfer of Ownership (Exclusive Use)
    When you wish to transfer the name of a person / company / entity, that has been allocated exclusive use of the SGC by the STS Association.

2)  Development Tools

  • Virtual Meter
    Emulates fully functional meters of all types.
  • Virtual SM
    Emulates a fully functional security module (HDLC or TCP/IP connected).
  • STS Simulator
    Used for the generation of any STS token. Encryption, decryption, API samples, meter keys.
  • CTS Test Selector
    Allows the selection of entity types for certification, showing all required test cases.


3)  STS - Specification Selector

  • A visual guide to assist you in obtaining the required specification/s for your product development.


4)  STS - Documents & Forms Selector

  • A visual guide to assist you in obtaining the required documents/forms for your implementation of an STS system.