Standard Transfer Specification Association
Standard Transfer Specification Association


A payment meter (also known as a pre-payment meter) is a device that accepts credit and management tokens from an STS Vending or management system and acts accordingly depending on the token.

1.  Credit token – the payment meter updates its credit register with the amount contained in the token and dispenses a utility until the credit is depleted

2.  Keychange tokens – the payment meter will change its key and possibly other parameters according to the contents of the keychange tokens

3.  Management tokens – these tokens allow certain meter parameters (such as maximum power limit, tamper reset etc)

The STS supports the following meter types:

1.  Electricity (kwh)

2.  Electricity currency

3.  Water (cubic meters)

4.  Water currency

5.  Gas (cubic meters)

6.  Gas currency

7.  Time (minutes)

8.  Time currency