Standard Transfer Specification Association
Standard Transfer Specification Association


Technical support and services offered by the STSA

​​​The STSA offers technical support in the following areas:
  • membership queries
  • uses of specifications
  • general queries on relevant STS related specifications
  • t​he meaning of technical terms and definitions
  • technic​​al aspects of the STS system​

The STSA does not offer technical support for the following:
  • implementation of designs of payment meters or vending systems
  • design project planning
  • design validation
  • type testing

Since the STS Association membership is comprised primarily of payment meter and vending system manufacturers, it is not possible to give design support since most members are by definition, competitors. For assistance on this type of support, contact a technical consultant with experience in STS based systems designs.

Who do I contact for technical support?

For support, the following contact details apply:

  • technical queries - The STS technical consultant
  • administrative queries - the secretariat
  • management issues - the secretariat
  • manufacturer code allocation - the technical consultant
  • real tables - the technical consultant
  • certification - the secretariat​

Contact details:

The Secretariat -
Mr. Jean Venter, c/o Van der Walt & Co.
P.O. Box 868, Ferndale, 2160, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Tel: +2711 061 5000

Website Queries:

The Technical consultant -
Franco G Pucci

Services Offered

Through the STS website (, the following services may be obtained:

  • order a manufacturer code
  • ​​get the real tables
  • order specifications
  • download companion specifications
  • download simulation software
  • book your product in for certification testing
  • link to the key management centre
  • take part in working groups to generate specifications
  • get a list of STSA members
  • get a list of certified products
  • find meter and vending system manufacturers
  • download compliance certificates for certified products