Standard Transfer Specification Association
Standard Transfer Specification Association


All users of the STS wishing to certify products, or make use of the services offered by the STSA, must become members of the association. It is not necessary for Utilities to become members of the association, unless they design their own systems and wish to certify them. 


The voting member type allows the prospective member to vote at the Annual General Meeting, and apply to become a member of the board of directors at the AGM. Within this category, there are several classes that a voting member can apply for, and have a vote in each class:

Note that for each class that a member would like to vote in, a separate membership applies, so if a member wishes to become a voting member in say, the payment meter manufacturer and vending manufacturer classes, then that member would pay two membership fees annually.


​The non-voting membership type allows the member to make use of the STS technology, certify their products, and display the STS logo on certified products. Only one membership is required for as many classes as desired. The non-voting member has no voting rights at the annual general meeting, and may not apply to become a director on the STSA management board.

Applying for Membership

Membership may be applied for on the STS website here.

Once approved, memberships are valid for as long as the member is a paid up member of the STSA. 

Please refer to the membership agreement documents found here for further details.

Benefits of being a member

There are several benefits of being a member of the STSA, which include: 

  • the use of the STS technology
  • assistance with STS related queries
  • certification of STS products
  • display of the STS logo on products
  • involvement in working groups in the development of specifications
  • the availability of companion specifications
  • access to other suppliers of related equipment