Standard Transfer Specification Association
Standard Transfer Specification Association


What is a security module?
How do I order a security module?
Where can I get help on designing an STS compliant meter or vending system?
What i​s a keychange?
What is a TID?
What is​​ TID Rollover​?
What ​is a KEN (Key Expiry Number?
​What is a KRN (K​ey Revision Number)?
​What is a Keyload File (KLF)?
What is a manufacturer code and how do I get one?
​​​What are encryption tables?
What are EA and DKGA?
​How many countries use STS?
What is the installed base of STS meters?
What is interoperability?
What is an open standard?
​What must I do to design an STS meter or vending system?
​Are there other open standards for prepayment?
What utility types does the STS support?
Does a utility have to be a member of the STS Association?
​When can my product display the STS logo?
​Does the STS Association do type testing?
How much should I pay for a vending system or payment meter?
Will a payment meter from another manufacturer work with my vending system?
Where can I get a list of STS compliant payment meters or vending systems?
Where can I get a list of STS members?
​Has the STS system ever been compromised?