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Women have showed that they are fully capable and given a chance they will lead with excellence. With equal opportunities afforded to women as well the energy space will be no longer the same again.

We spoke to Kaseree Rajoo who is a business development manager at Utilities World based in Durban, South Africa.

Who are you and where do you come from?

I am Keseree Rajoo based in Durban, KwaZulu Natal- South Africa. I have a bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

What is your position and what does your role entail?

I am Business Development manager for Utilities World, Durban based Company. We specialise in Prepaid Electricity & Water Vending, including Revenue Enhancement with special attention on the TID Rollover.

I am also a chairperson of Southern African Revenue Protection Association KZN Branch. I also currently sit on the marketing committee for SARPA as well.

Favourite moment in your career?

Every moment that I achieve solutions for my client problems is my favourite.


Favourite quote and why?

I have a few, but to pick one suited for this would be: My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style – Maya Angelou!


How do you overcome the challenges that you face with regards to your position, as a powerful woman in a male dominated environment?

First and foremost is remembering that I am a woman. Secondly is that men and woman are built differently and therefore we think and thrive differently. However it doesn’t mean we cannot achieve the same goals, we just do it differently.


It’s unfortunate that women have been made to feel the need to work twice as hard to get respect even with the knowledge they have but there is a definite change.


Women are not so much seen as mere weaklings but as strong-minded individuals that can hold their own. The women currently holding executive or high-profile decision-making jobs are not just achieving success, but they are paving the way for all the young determined women to follow. 


Best advice you received and who was it from?

Two pieces of advice:

· Always upskill and stay relevant so you never go hungry - first real boss!

· Stop feeling sorry for yourself! – can’t remember who first told me that but it stuck!

Always trust your instinct. Take risks and never have regrets because everything happens for a reason – myself!


What would you say to a 13 year old YOU?

Shew! I can’t think that far back. Maybe to not be so afraid of doing what makes you happy. Pay more attention in class and do better, don’t fall asleep in class lol!


How has COVID impacted your life (Work /Home)? Pros & cons

Pros – Allowed time for refection on life, family and work.

· Priorities

· Attending to things that have been put aside because life “got too busy”

· Reminder of how precious the little things in life are.

· Getting fit again

· Eating healthier

o I have always been big on clean hands and hygiene so in a way this pandemic has forced everyone to clean up better and stay safe.


Cons – Networking plays a part in our business and that has been stifled

· Not seeing other human beings as often

· My current companions are my very loyal fury friends.

· Not being able to see my mum. Phone calls and video chat is all we have for now to keep her safe.

· Not being able to celebrate birthdays and special occasions with family and friends.

· Not seeing any loved one besides those I live with.

· My new everyday accessory is a mask. 


What advice can you give to people who are still afraid to go after their dreams?

Dreams are there for a reason – go after them! 

Never ever doubt yourself! Be your best and authentic self and people will respect you more!

Remember its never too late to achieve your dreams, you just have to start!


Any insights you want to share with our readers?

Being a woman and seeing the increase in GBV (Gender Based Violence) is disturbing.  Whilst I am very aware that it’s both male and female that are affected by this violent crime, it is still majority of women being at the receiving end of this pandemic.

Women do have a voice and there is always someone who wants to help. Never feel alone. Never allow yourself to become dependant on a person if you have the ability to make it on your own. Independence is the best gift you can give yourself!


Kaseree is no doubt one of the remarkable leaders in the utilities that are inspiring and paving the way for young girls that will be future leaders. We salute and celebrate her leadership.